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Premier Venue for
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The Top Choice for
Corporate Events
Choose Us for Corporate Picnics & Outings
Premier Venue for Corporate Events

Seagull Resort:
The Ultimate Destination for Corporate Events, Picnics and Outings Venue near Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Gujarat and Pune

Corporate Event Venue

Come to Seagull Resorts with your employees and guests together for a fun corporate company picnic that will become a truly unique experience. Here’s Why?

We at Seagull Resort have planned corporate picnics, and events for numerous companies.Discover the picture-perfect blend of luxury, convenience, and natural beauty at Seagull Resort, your best choice for corporate events, picnics and outings. Situated near cities closet to Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Gujarat and Pune, Seagull Resort offers a seamless escape from the city's hustle and bustle, providing an ideal backdrop for your corporate endeavors, fun entertainment and team-building activities.

Unmatched Corporate Experiences at Seagull Resort:

Are you in search of resorts near Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Gujarat or Pune for corporate events? Look no further. Seagull Resort presents a refined environment where business meets pleasure. Seagull is the best resort located at a centralized position from all prominent cities to reach within few hours of drive. To organize all your corporate events, picnics and outings, Seagull Resort offers top-tier amenities, state-of-the-art facilities, and expert event management to ensure your business event is a resounding success.


Seagull Resort
The Perfect Corporate Picnic Spot:

Seagull Resort is not just a destination; it's Mumbai's corporate picnic spot of choice. Our sprawling grounds/green lawns, swimming pools, deluxe ad super deluxe rooms, restaurant and bar, meticulously designed for corporate picnics, offer an array of activities and spaces to cater to your team's unique preferences. Engage in team-building exercises, relish in gourmet picnics, and forge lasting connections in an atmosphere of natural beauty.

Corporate Picnic packages tailored for your needs:

Seagull Resort is a perfect resort for organizing corporate events, picnics and outings. Seagull Resort boasts multiple package options for one-day outings and events, allowing you to customize your experience according to your company's goals. Whether you're looking for fun and entertainment, team-building challenges or focused business discussions, Seagull Resort is your canvas for corporate triumph.


Your Gateway to Corporate Excellence:

When you search online for resorts to organize your corporate events, picnics or outings near Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Gujarat or Pune, Seagull Resort stands as the best choice for many of our corporate clients. Our luxurious amenities, picturesque landscapes, and dedicated event planners are ready to transform your vision into a reality. From corporate picnics to high-stakes business conferences, our resort is your partner in success.

(FAQs) about hosting corporate events, picnics, and outings at Seagull Resort:

Seagull Resort is suitable for a wide range of corporate events, including seminars, conferences, team-building activities, workshops, product launches, and more. We can customize our facilities to meet your specific needs.

 Seagull Resort is conveniently located [mention the location] near major cities like Mumbai and Pune, making it easily accessible for corporate events and outings.

 Seagull Resort provides state-of-the-art facilities, including meeting rooms, Banquet halls, audiovisual equipment, and spacious event spaces suitable for both indoor and outdoor gatherings.

 Our event planning team can help you choose and organize the activities.

Menu featuring dishes from Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines. Relish the flavors and love memorable dining experiences.

Yes, Seagull Resort has a team of experienced event planners who can assist you in organizing and coordinating all aspects of your corporate event, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

Yes, Seagull Resort offers versatile event spaces that can be customized for both indoor and outdoor corporate events, depending on your preferences and requirements.

 The capacity of Seagull Resort can vary depending on the specific event spaces used and the setup. Our team can provide detailed information on capacity based on your specific event needs.

To book Seagull Resort for your corporate event, picnic, or outing, please contact our events team. They will guide you through the booking process, answer your questions, and help you plan a successful event.

Yes, Seagull Resort offers sample parking facilities for your event attendees, ensuring convenience and ease of access.

 Seagull Resort stands out for its beautiful natural surroundings, luxurious accommodations, versatile event spaces, expert
event planning services, and a commitment to creating memorable and productive corporate experiences. Our resort is dedicated to making your events successful and enjoyable.

Feel free to reach out to our events team for any additional questions or to start planning your corporate event, picnic, or outing at Seagull Resort.